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1 In 3 People Outgrow Thrill-Seeking Behaviors At This Age: Study

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Whether you're one or 100, chances are you've done something a little risky.

"I've rock climbed," said Christiana Barile, in town from New York.

"I like to swim with sharks," added Richard Davidson of Philadelphia.

And while some live their lives on the edge, others tend to outgrow it. But, at what age?

A new survey by market research firm, One Poll, suggests it's in your mid-thirties, with one in three saying they stopped taking risks by age 34.

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Two in five said their thrill-seeking ways stopped gradually over time and half chalked it up to physical limitations.

Then, there's one-third of the population who say despite getting older, they're more adventurous now than in the past.

"I think a sense of play is important to a good life," said Dustin Kidd, a sociologist at Temple University, who has studied youth culture.

Kidd says the risk-taking types are often seeking empowerment, which is why it's more common in the younger set.

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As we age, he says that power and energy shifts toward relationships and responsibilities.

"In some ways that can feel much more empowering than jumping out of a plane, driving race car or traveling off to some part of the world," said Kidd.


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