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Thousands Sign Up For Mummers Protest March In Philadelphia For New Year's Day

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Thousands of people have signed up for a New Year's Day protest in Philadelphia. With the yearly Mummers parade canceled, some 2,600 people plan to go to the Mummers protest march.

"Mayor Jim Kenney has tried for years (like every Philly Mayor in the past) to cancel the Philadelphia Mummers Parade, a tradition preceding the birth of our nation. What he can NOT do is cancel our First Amendment right to peacefully protest his erroneous taxes and restrictions on our freedoms and liberties. It should go without saying that everyone will be on 2nd Street New Years Day, strutting their best, to peacefully protest his administration in true, centuries old fashion, as we usually do every New Years," the Facebook event post reads.

Mayor Jim Kenney says the bulk of the Mummers made it clear they will not be marching due to health concerns.

There are, however, others who plan on coming out. They're not calling it a march, but a protest.

"We would urge them not to go out there and put themselves at risk and their families at risk for one year. We can hopefully get this under control, come back better next year and have a really good celebration," Kenney said. "Certainly people have a right to protest and we'll try to keep them safe."

Just like protests earlier this year, it is not permitted but will be allowed.

Kenney says he's most concerned about people getting sick and dying.

Meanwhile, the city extended COVID restrictions for some of its riskiest businesses until Jan. 15.


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