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'This Turnout Is Amazing': Haddonfield Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) -- The commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day continued across the region. Haddonfield, New Jersey, held a big celebration on Monday night.

It was a great turnaround in Haddonfield on Monday night. People of all ages held candles and they marched through town.

Marching with a message up and down Kings Highway in Haddonfield, all to honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

"It's a call to action for the entire Haddonfield community to come and celebrate and honor his life," Mayor Colleen Bianco said.

People of all ages showed up to the Borough Hall for a short ceremony filled with poems, the pledge of allegiance, and song.

"This turnout is amazing," Bianco said.

"This speaks well for our country, having young folks understand the sacrifices of Martin Luther King made," Jack Tarditi said.

After the ceremony, the Girl Scouts led the way. All who attended held candles.

"In fact, we have a legacy here of African American residents who fought for social justice and equality for decades so it's really important for us to honor that history," Bianco said.

A history that is uniting everyone as one.

"We need to recognize we are a country of all colors, all religions, all beliefs," Tarditi said.

This is something they have been doing year after year hope for an even bigger ceremony and march next year.

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