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Thick Waist May Double Risk Of Premature Death

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - When it comes to our body weight, it isn't always about the numbers and it's not all about the bass. Where you carry your weight could be as important, if not more important, than how much you weigh.

According to a British study, a thick waist almost doubles the risk of a premature death.

We know that excess fat stored around the middle of the body is a health risk, even when people are not considered obese or even overweight by statistical BMI standards. We don't do this at the present time but it is not absurd to consider that physicians might consider routinely measuring patients' waists as well as their BMI on a routine office visit.

By the way, there is good news if you carry too much weight in the waist - diet and exercise are equally effective as they are for people who carry excess weight somewhere else.

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