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'They Pee On The Street': Some Residents Concerned About Toilet Accommodations Along Parade Route

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- With so many people expected on Broad Street and the Ben Franklin Parkway Thursday for the Eagles' championship parade, will there be enough porta-potties for all? Some people are skeptical.

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Some people walked the Parkway Wednesday before the parade to get a mental picture of where the porta-potties are before they actually need them.

"I'm just scoping it out to see where the TVs are, where the bathrooms are. I mean it seems pretty good, they're all the way down to City Hall."

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But some Parkway residents don't believe there will be enough facilities to accommodate the amount of people who are expected to attend.

"Some of them are inebriated and some of them will have been out here all day and all night and nature calls, but the city doesn't have enough porta-potties here."

"What are people gonna do when it gets cold and free Bud Light for everybody? Let's hope it's a family event and well-behaved, but all the schools are out."

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"There's a lot [of port-a-potties] but there's not enough. There's not enough. There's gonna be the lines. I mean, I don't think there's enough."

And judging by the preparations, this man says he's fully expecting to have to hose down his driveway the next day.

"Like 'Made In America,' they pee on the street, they pee on my driveway, they pee on my front steps, it's terrible. The residents here have had it with events on the Parkway."

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