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'They Claim It's Non-Toxic': Four Mariner East 2 Pipeline Spills In October Raise Concerns

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- Community activists say another spill has occurred during construction of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline in Chester County. All of this, as the group plans to present Governor Wolf with petitions on Tuesday, alleging he is not protecting the public safety from this potential hazard.

Last Tuesday, Melissa DiBernadino of Goshen United for Public Safety, took video of Sunoco crews suctioning a liquid slurry out of the spill area on Boot Road.

Gas Leak Along Pennsylvania Pipeline Has Some On Edge

DiBernadino says the spill at the pipeline construction site is a concern to the community.

"They claim it's non-toxic, but I certainly wouldn't want to drink it and also when it's in its dry form, it's a carcinogen," she said. "Which is posing huge concerns with drilling going on, particularly around schools."

"They" being Sunoco, the parent company of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline.

The state Department of Environmental Protection says were four spills between Oct. 5 and 10.

West Goshen Files Injunction To Stop Drilling On Controversial Pipeline

Under law, Sunoco must obtain DEP approval to restart drilling after a spill of any size. The DEP says Sunoco did get approval before resuming drilling.

DiBernardino returned to the spill site on public property, over the weekend, and says she was forced away from the area by Sunoco security.

Security then filed a police complaint claiming she was trespassing.

Sunoco did not respond to numerous calls for comment.

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