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These Top 5 Clothing Culprits May Be Causing You Back Pain, Researchers Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--If you suffer from back pain, you know several things can set it off.

"It could be laundry, it could be shopping at the mall all day," said Kay Simms of Wilmington, Delaware.

Paul Robinson, of Philadelphia added, "Sometimes sitting too long, working too long."

But, did you know clothing could be one of the worst culprits?

According to the British Chiropractic Association or BCA, skinny jeans are most often to blame.

"They can constrict nerve flow, blood flow, and compress the discs in the lumbar spine," said Dr. Paul Rubin, a Philadelphia-based chiropractor. He backs up the BCA's latest research, which revealed the top five things in our closet that could be causing us pain. From over-sized bags and coats with large, fluffy hoods to high heels and backless shoes.

Top 5 clothing culprits:
1.    Skinny jeans
2.    Oversized bags and those worn on one side of the body
3.    Coats with large fluffy hoods
4.    High heeled shoes
5.    Backless shoes, e.g. mules

The study shows a third of women are unaware of the impacts and nearly as many know, but don't care.

"You can talk about it until you're blue in the face, they don't want to change their fashion," explained Rubin.

That's why researchers suggests switching up your style, wearing loose clothing when you can and trading in a single strap bag for a backpack or cross body. Instead of stilettos, opt for a chunkier heel and make sure you've got a bra that fits.

Researchers say other new trends like asymmetric hemlines, oversized sleeves and statement necklaces can also create problems.

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