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The Libertarian Candidate For President Wants Voters To Join A 'Generational Movement'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Austin Petersen, the Libertarian candidate for President, attempted to make the case as to why you should forego voting for one of the two major political party candidates and consider him instead.

Petersen, while speaking with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said libertarians believe in keeping the government out of your life as much as possible.

"The idea is the old Calvin Coolidge style of governance. The business of the American people is business. It's better to veto bad bills than in to pass new ones. I just want to do the people's business and sit back let them figure out how they want to live their lives as they fit, provided they harm no one else."

He attempted to differentiate what his party stands for when comparing it to the Democrats or Republicans.

"Libertarianism really just means you believe in maximum economic liberty. If you believe that you own your life, that you own your body and that you should be able to do as you please, provided that you harm no one else, then you might be a libertarian. The problem, of course, is that when you talk about conservatives vs liberalism, is that oftentimes conservatives tend to be a bit more hawkish. They tend to want to impose liberty on those overseas. Or they're willing to sacrifice our liberty in our Fourth Amendment rights, with the issues of the NSA. Libertarians believe in privacy in those issues. Of course, Democrats will say you can have your personal privacy, but we want to have what's in your wallet. The libertarian says you can have your personal liberty and your economic freedom. You can have both."

Petersen stated that casting your vote with him could go along way to giving the American people more options in choosing a President in the future.

"If you care about the future of the country, voting for a Libertarian party candidate creates a generational liberty movement. Very briefly, here's how. If you get a high enough percentage of the national vote to the Libertarian party, it solidifies, it cements the Libertarian party as a major national party, which does two things. One, it qualifies them for federal matching funds. Two, it provides them with ballot access."



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