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The Latest On Train Derailment: Was It Hit By An Object?

By Kristen Johanson and David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The National Transportation Safety Board held a press conference Friday to give an update on the investigation into the Amtrak train derailment after they spoke with the engineer and conductors. And from one of their testimonies, FBI officials are now looking into whether something struck the train before it derailed.

Exclusive video obtained by CBS 3 Eyewitness News shows the actual crash from a surveillance camera.


Investigators spoke with three Amtrak train 188 crew members about their recollection of moments leading up to the fatal train derailment. NTSB Official Robert Sumwalt recounts what the second conductor heard moments before the crash.

"She recalled that the SEPTA engineer had reported to the train dispatcher that he had either been hit by a rock, or shot at. She also believed that she heard her engineer say something about his train being struck by something," said Sumwalt.


WATCH: NTSB Provides Update On Friday, May 15, 2015


"We have seen damage to the left-hand, lower portion of the Amtrak windshield that we have asked the FBI to come in and look at for us," said Sumwalt.

Three miles away, on the same tracks, something did hit a SEPTA train on the front windshield. The FBI is investigating both incidents and a source close to the investigation told Eyewitness News the NTSB wants to talk to the SEPTA conductor to learn more.

Sumwalt says the engineer of the train, 32-year-old Brandon Bostian, was cooperative during the questioning, and said he last recalled ringing the train bell at the North Philadelphia station. Bostian maintains he does not remember anything of the actual derailment.

"He recalls ringing the train bell as he went through the North Philadelphia station, but he has no recollection of anything past that," said Sumwalt.

Bostian is said to be in Philadelphia ready to continue talks with investigators. Bostian's childhood friend spoke with him after the crash.

"He did not remember much and he couldn't remember much. He said he had some staples and some stitches," said Bostian's friend James Weir.

Weir says Bostian was adamant about safety and specifically mentioned it many times.

"I don't think this is his fault. I don't believe this is his fault. Brandon's not the kind of guy, even if he was going through a hard time, he wouldn't do this," Weir said.

The investigation into the train derailment continues.

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