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How these 2 Philadelphian women are changing the dating game

The Heartbeat: Date Him Philly
The Heartbeat: Date Him Philly 03:00

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- What do you get when you introduce a super-connector with a matchmaker? One energetic collaboration. Two local women joined forces and created dating events that incorporate technology as we know it while pulling a page from the old-school playbook of dating.

Michal Naisteter, a matchmaker and super-connector, met Dara Rahill, head of partnerships for Tawkify, through a matchmaker.

Rahill spearheaded a Facebook group, "Date Him Philly," with a sister group of "Date Her Philly," birthed from the exhaustion of hearing the horrible stories of meeting people within the world of dating.

She is out to prove there are great guys and women and provide a safe, reliable place to find them.

"Date Him/Her Philly" allows the opposite gender to vouch for their favored person and highlight them in a positive, truthful and trusting way.

Once met, the super-connector in Naisteter began putting pieces together, realizing there was an opportunity to take this one step further and together, they launched their In-person, single dating events. Just as the Facebook groups vouch for the opposite gender, so do these events.

Tickets are sold in pairs. One gender will bring the other gender, which allows for both safety and a level playing field regarding ratio. These have been concerns within the dating world, so Rahill and Naisteter knocked it out of the park up front.

These events are held once a month in trendy venues and offer fun icebreakers to get the party started. However, they do not believe in these events being structured, just guided. The authenticity of people begins to emerge organically, which is where the magic happens.

Upon arrival, attendees receive an icebreaking question found on their nametag; a fun way to begin a conversation for those who are getting out of their comfort zone to meet in person. Free headshots are offered because people tend to underestimate the power of a good photo.

However, it doesn't take long for the mingling to begin. It was so much fun to be a fly on the wall and watch personalities unfold. While speaking to some attendees, they explained how carpal tunnel is setting in through swiping, or how they have been catfished too many times or even wanting the challenge of stepping outside of their comfort zone to meet someone face to face.

One of the unexpected facts I learned was knowing all different types of connections and new relationships are made via their events. Even if you don't walk out with a romantic connection, you may find yourself with a new friend to hang out with on a Friday night or swap dating stories with.

It's all about connection and once we challenge ourselves and find what we are capable of, we can use that new-found technique and apply it in all different aspects of our lives.

Rahill and Naisteter are so passionate about what they do because we are all made for community and yearn for connection. With the pressure off, walking in with a friend, all they ask is that you are open to the idea of someone new coming into your life; romantic or platonic. You never know where that will lead. Isn't that the fun part?

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