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The "Friends" Experience opens Feb. 10 in the KOP Mall

The "Friends" experience opens Feb. 10 at King of Prussia Mall
The "Friends" experience opens Feb. 10 at King of Prussia Mall 02:31

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (CBS) -- Ever wish your life was a 90s sitcom, where you're surrounded by iconic sets, endless mugs of coffee, a laugh track to hype you up and great friends? 

The King of Prussia Mall is here to give you your much-needed main-character moment with their new exhibit, The Friends Experience.

The exhibit replicates some of the most iconic sets that fans of the show "Friends" are sure to recognize. Those include Monica and Rachel's apartment, the hallway where the infamous cheesecake incident took place, and of course, The Central Perk coffee shop where the gang was always hanging out.

Our Chandler Lutz took a tour of the exhibit and got to speak with Stacy Moscatelli, co-president of Original X Productions, the company that brought the exhibit to the Philadelphia area.

The "Friends" experience opens Feb. 10 at King of Prussia Mall 03:02

Moscatelli says the goal of The "Friends" Experience is for fans to be able to step into the world of Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross and Joey and relive their favorite moments and celebrate the show unlike ever before. 

Fun fact, the exhibit was originally created for the show's 25th anniversary and was able to expand across the nation all the way to Pennsylvania after its success.

She also has a hot tip for anyone planning to visit the exhibit that you don't want to miss.

"There's an interview with the costume designer who talks about how she brought to life their personalities through their fashion," Moscatelli said.

As for why the exhibit is so successful, Moscatelli believes it's because of the show's wide-ranged audience.

"You're seeing this multi-generation, these moms and daughters who watched it at different stages of their lives and they bonded over it," Moscatelli said.

There's also a gift shop at the exhibit where fans of the show can purchase souvenirs including a plush Hugsy, Joey's bedtime friend, a classic coffee mug, the "Friends" picture frame, and Monica's signature break-up jam.

Tickets are available at the Friends Experience website or can be bought on-site in the King of Prussia Mall. The exhibit officially opens Friday, Feb. 10.

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