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The Fashionable Colors Of Fall

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Whoever predicted that the fall colors weren't going to be very pretty this year forgot to tell my dogwood trees. Weeks ago, our Cornus florida trees started turning all sorts of shades of red, and they'll maintain this display for a month or more.

Through September and early October, flowers like our native hibiscus and asters created quite a contrast with the dogwoods' deep scarlet and eggplant colors. And the bright pinks of re-blooming roses and blue hydrangeas looked very different against the jewel tones of autumn than when they bloomed in June when everything was green.

You can't exactly plan to have hot pink roses and hibiscus blooming beside maroon dogwood leaves every fall, and the surprise is part of the fun. As the weather is so variable, it's like every year there's a new fall fashion show in the garden. Nature designs what she wants to wear and we get to watch it all coming down the runway.

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