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The E.S.P. Spring Fashion Guide For Guys

Consider these manly fashion essentials for spring, brought to you by CBS Local's Eat See Play.

It may still feel cold enough outside to lose a few of your non-essential extremities to frostbite, but spring fashion waits for no one. While you throw on another outfit of somber hues that makes it easy to blend into the winter landscape, rest assured that stores are already stocked with everything needed to get in spring form. It's time to thaw out your closet and make room for this season's freshest kicks, sweetest shirts, and coolest chinos. After all, longer days mean you'll be getting major mileage out of these duds.

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Ridin' Polo
Ted Baker - Striped Polo Shirt
Price: $125

Spring clothing is all about versatility, particularly when you live an area where even the temperate months can be unpredictable. Now seems like a good time to remind you that the short-sleeved collar t-shirt is no longer just for bowlers and cabana boys, especially when it's the Pasdina striped polo shirt from Ted Baker. This 75%-cotton warm-weather staple features a contrasting collar and pockets with branded button fastenings, adding a touch of sophistication to the laid-back stripes and diamond pattern. Marrying casual with stylish in a way only spring and summer permit, this tee is as appropriate on the golf course as it as at a dive bar or a cocktail party.

Get the Pasdina striped polo shirt here.

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Rock the Mock
SSense – Acne Studios Shirt
Price: $250

Denim may never go out of style, but it sure as hell can raise your body temp. Which is what makes the Blue Mock Denim Shirt from Acne Studios pretty ideal for warm weather. A 97%-cotton design maximizes breathability, while details like a spread collar, single-button barrel cuffs and a curved hem make it wearable in just about any situation, from kicking around the house to heading downtown for dinner. It turns out looking good and feeling good don't have to be mutually exclusive. Save the real denim for winter and beat the heat with (what looks like) the real thing.

Get the mock denim shirt here.

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Pocket Protector
Ssense - Parajumpers Jacket
Price: $460

Though you tend to find plenty to complain about amidst bone-chilling winters and sweltering summers, there's certainly something to be said for weather predictability. Since having seven weather-dependent spring jackets at the ready is not ideal, throw on the Black Utility Pocket Passport Jacket from Parajumpers, which offers versatility against the elements and a superior fashion advantage over the fleeces, windbreakers and winter coats that dot the spring cityscape. Tricked out with a two-way zip closure, front welt pockets, zippered chest panel with interior utility pockets, and a back-hanging yellow cargo strap, this jacket is perfect for work or play. Plus, the stand collar, tonal stitching and epaulet shoulders reveal that form and function can be a beautiful marriage indeed.

Get the black utility pocket passport jacket here.

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Change Your Chinos
Ted Baker - Chinos
Price: $165

It'll soon be too warm for cords and too cold for board shorts. And while corduroy shorts sound like an easy solution, that particular brand of style has yet to grace the pages of GQ. For the perfect in-between pant, check out the Mordord slim-fit chinos from Ted Baker. These warm-weather-approved cotton slacks come in six shades, ranging from brown and navy to light blue and lilac. To reflect the brand's sense of style and humor, these chinos sport details like Ted Baker branded buttons, a back pocket tab detail, and paisley-printed inner hem.

Get the Mordord slim-fit chinos here.

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Time of the Season
Becker Surf – Nixon Watch
Price: $60

Being punctual is important no matter the season – a philosophy more often considered than practiced. Make your philosophical leanings a bit easier to follow with a Nixon Time Teller Watch, a unique timepiece that shows off your individuality by combining style with form, function and comfort. Featuring custom-molded Japanese quartz hands, this watch has a stainless steel core that's encased in a polycarbonate shell to allow for an impressive range of bright, bold colors (like red, white and steel grey). The molded band uses a patented locking looper and buckle so that you don't lose it when racing to get to work on time...not that you do that often.

Get the Nixon time teller watch here.

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Ease-y Rider
Pacsun – Adidas Shoes
Price: $60

As badly as you want summer to be here, being the guy who wears sandals the moment the calendar turns to spring is generally frowned upon. For a springier look that won't garner any dirty glances, take a gander at the Adidas Adi-Ease Shoes. Perfect for everything from skateboarding to casual Friday to late-night drinks, these blue canvas sneakers are a welcome alternative to your dirty, beat-up flip-flops. The low-profile design and padded insole ensure these kicks can be rocked year-round. Save the sandals for the beach, and let the Adi-Ease Shoes give your spring some sole.

Get the Adi-Ease shoes here.

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The Shining
Ray-Ban – Wayfarer Camouflage Collection
Price: Varies

Some people think the first signs of spring involve budding flowers, singing birds and April showers. In reality, it's the pale, sun-starved masses squinting into a sun that's actually shining when they wake up. Protect yourself from the increased UV rays with a pair of shades from the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Urban Camouflage collection. An updated take on the classic Wayfarer, this edition's traditional front design offers a stark contrast to the camouflage print on the arms, letting you blend in from the front or get noticed from the side. Show off your own style by choosing from a variety of multi-colored frames and lenses, including green, brown and grey silver mirror. Plus, it's practically a rule that every man should own a pair of Ray-Bans.

Get your sunglasses from the Wayfarer Urban Camouflage collection here.
By Jesse Husid and Arielle Sachar.

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