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The Benefits Of Brushing Your Dog's Coat Regularly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)- There are many benefits to brushing your dog on a regular basis. Brushing your dog not only creates a special bond, but it's also extremely practical.

Always brush very gently. Regular brushing significantly reduces the amount of accumulation of dog hair in your home. What comes off on the brush won't be all over the furniture or on you. At the same time, brushing creates relaxation for your dog as it also stimulates a shinier and healthier coat. It removes dirt and debris from the skin and coat, and prevents mats from forming in the future.

It's best to brush shorthaired dogs two or three times a week. Medium and longhaired dogs can be groomed daily, especially during the spring and summer when shedding takes place the most.

Make sure you're safely using the correct brush for your dog's coat and size. If you're unsure, ask your vet. Also have your vet or groomer show you the correct way to brush your dog so that you're brushing the undercoat (where shedding takes place) as well as the topcoat. If severe matting occurs, don't attempt to brush them out as this can hurt your dog. Instead, make a worthwhile trip to your vet's office or to a professional pet groomer as careful shaving would be the only way to safely resolve the problem.

As you brush, keep a watchful eye out for excessive shedding, hot spots, patchy areas of bald spots, or anything else unusual about the fur or the skin. Contact your vet right away since these could indicate signs of stress and illness.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio

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