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The Beauty of the Feast of the Seven Fishes

By Dom Giordano 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Tonight is our seventh annual Feast of the Seven Fishes. This is a night where the hosts, producers, management, sponsors and listeners of Talk Radio 1210 WPHT come together to celebrate the year, have a great feast and meet our Persons of the Year.

This event, to me, exemplifies what our station is all about. We talk presidential politics for hours a day and other hard hitting issues of the day, but the key element of talk radio is the bond between the host and listeners. I experienced this when people see and ask about Roe, DJ and Luke or even Freddie, our cat.

People remember the big guests, the broadcasts from places like Israel, and the insights on things happening in Philadelphia. But they most remember things like Roe getting the week wrong for our vacation last week and the resulting chaos, or my chiding people who always back their car into parking spaces rather than just pulling in.

Chris Stigall has made a great point about our Feast. At other 1210 events, there is only a limited time to interact with our great guests. At Seven Fishes, guests like Taya Kyle and Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey are our dinner guests with ample opportunities for listeners to meet with them.

It's also an opportunity for listeners to meet sponsors and other listeners, and realize there are people that share traditional values and are working every day to continue America's greatness.

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