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Thanks, But No Thanks: Mike Rowe Is Not Running For Vice President

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Television Host Mike Rowe talked to Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT and rejected internet chatter that he would be interested in running for Vice-President.

Rowe said he is grateful for the support from fans and followers, but doesn't see himself as a politician.

"Obviously, I'm flattered. For the last couple of years, things have become hyper-political. There is not subject that doesn't have a political element to it now. Only my own little Facebook page, somebody said you've got between 6 and 700,000 requests to run for something. I'm not a political guy. I go to Congress once a year. I yell at them about the cost of tuition and the 4 or 5 million jobs that exist that nobody seems to want. Because that issue, in and of itself, drips with so much polemic, people assume, I think, that I'm in that world."

He also discussed the work ethic of America, which he finds somewhat lacking.

"It's easy to stand on your porch in your bathrobe and shake your fist and yell at the kids, get off my lawn. I have an opinion and the short answer is, yes, I think work ethic has de-valued in a very general way. I really do. My foundation awards work ethic scholarships simply because every other scholarship program I know of focuses either on your GPA, academic, athletic, talent or some other sort of need based paradigm"

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