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Temple University Students Gather To Honor Students Killed, Call For Safety Changes

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Students at Temple University gathered Monday night to honor five students who died this semester, including Samuel Collington, who was killed during an attempted carjacking last week outside his off-campus apartment. Students say safety changes are needed following Collington's death.

Students say they're disappointed it took the death of one their own to push for safety changes as they came together to remember and grieve.

As the bells tolled on the campus of Temple University, students -- solemn and united -- gathered to remember five of their classmates who died this semester.

"It's really about them, it's about the togetherness. That's the most important part, that's why we're all here tonight," student Joe Phillips said.

One by one, they lit candles and read the names of those gone too soon, including Katherine Kelemen, who was beaten to death by her father last month.

"Katherine was a kind, caring and beautiful soul," Director of Pride and Traditions Kyle Osborne said.

Collington was killed during an armed carjacking attempt last Sunday outside his off-campus apartment.

"Sam's humor and intelligence made every feel happy and comfortable around him," said Shane Collington, the victim's cousin.

In the days since the senior political science major's death, many have questioned if enough is being done to keep students safe.

"As a woman, I don't feel safe going out when the sun is down," student Macey Roberts said.

Eyewitness New pressed the university about long wait times for campus shuttles and police escorts.

"We had like a two-hour wait once," Roberts said.

"We want to improve the system moving forward, whether that be getting more drivers, more vehicles," Temple spokesperson Steve Orbanek said.

Safety officials also say they're looking to hire 40 additional officers to patrol.

Short term, they're adding boots on the ground with supplemental patrols from Philadelphia police, hopeful to prevent another tragedy.

"Basically, all hands on deck. it's going to take the work of Temple leaders, community leaders, policymakers and hopefully together we can work to address this and find potential solutions," Orbanek said.

Temple officials are also asking students to look out for one another to help keep everyone safe.

Eyewitness News reporters Alicia Roberts and Wakisha Bailey contributed to this story.

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