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Temple U. Shows Up High On Popularity List of 'Arrangement' Web Site

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A "dating" web site says more college girls, including those from one Philadelphia school, are looking to the web not for love, but for money. calls itself "the leading sugar daddy and sugar baby dating web site."  It hooks up older, "generous" men and women with "sugar babies" -- with more college girls signing up to pay for school.

"That's still gross," thinks one female Temple University student.

Temple University ranked fifth among colleges using the site last year, with 113 students signing up.

That news shocked many in the Temple campus lunch crowd:

(Female student #1:)  "I can't imagine some guy just being, like, 'Come hang out with me, here's $3,000.' "

(Female student #2:)  "That's cool that people would help out, but I think it's just a little bit awkward."

(Female student #3:)  "I would never do it, but I guess it's better than stripping."

(Female student #4:)  "Just seems so dirty for the guys and the girls that are signing up for it."

The site offers to match up young folks with benefactors of both genders.  So, we asked one young man if he'd think of getting a sugar mama.

"Oh, boy," he replied nervously.  "Well, I have a job so it's not looking like it in the near future, no."

Penn State was also on the list, at number 13, of schools whose students are making the most use of the site.



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