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Center City Store Brawl Caught On Tape

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A brawl involving a number of young people, mostly girls, resulted in several arrests and charges being filed in Center City and the entire incident was caught on tape.

Police took a number of unruly teens into custody around 7 p.m. Thursday, March 17, when group of teenage girls started to fight inside the H&M clothing store at 16th and Chestnut Streets. Police and store security were nearby and quickly broke up the feuding teens while onlookers grabbed their cell phones and started recording.

A number of the teens attempted to make a get away following the incident, but police quickly rounded them up and took them into custody.

Video shows the store in disarray, a mannequin wearing a "Not Violence" t-shirt was knocked to the ground and lost it's head, a gift card display was knocked over and pieces of a woman's hair weave were strewn on the floor.

Police say the suspects in the incident face various juvenile charges, including reckless endangerment.

Authorities have increased patrols and presence in that area since it has become a popular gathering spot for large groups of young people.

As milder weather sets in, police say they expect to maintain a large presence in that area of Center City. The same gathering area had been the scene of a previous crowd disturbance and a shooting outside one of the stores.

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Fight in Center City Philadelphia H&M by WHYY on YouTube

Reported by Al Novack, KYW Newsradio

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