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Teen Driver Safety Ratings Up In Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The end of the school year means high school proms, graduation parties, and sometimes underage drinking and driving. A new survey shows, however, that Pennsylvania is one of the safest states for teen drivers.

Michelle Megna is spokeswoman for, an independent quote comparison website. She says Pennsylvania's graduated driving license components, like moving from a junior license to a senior license gradually, helped create safe drivers.

"We also looked at teen drinking and driving rates, teen texting and driving rates as well as average annual cost of insurance for teens because that's also a reflection of the risk level," Megna said.

Lat year, Pennsylvania's teen texting rate was 43% of all teens. This year, it's 35%. Not great, but Megna says it's moving in the right direction. That statistic alone helped move Pennsylvania from number seven last year to number three this year.

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