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Teachers Group Encourage Educators To Participate In The 'Black Lives Matter Week Of Action'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Caucus for Working Educators is encouraging teachers in Philadelphia to participate in the their 'Black Lives Matter Week of Action,' beginning on January 23.

Caucus member Tamara Anderson told spoke with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, saying their goal is to inspire the next generation of leaders in the community.


"We would like to bring attention to the 13 guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter Movement. A lot of times, when teachers or students or past people that we have had at rallies for Black Lives Matter in a response to an incident, we would like take this opportunity to actually create a space for introspection and dialogue, deeper connections between educators, parents, students and community organizations that stand in support with national organizing supporting Black Lives Matter and to empower students and student groups to play a leading role in this week and moving forward."

Amy Roat, another member, told Giordano that their teaching will focus on a wide reaching selection of topics.

"By part of the Black Lives Matter ideology is an affirmation black folks' contribution to society, our humanity and the resilience in the face of some really serious oppression over the whole history of our country. It's OK to spotlight one group sometimes. In Social Studies, maybe I'm going to focus on colonial times sometimes and really put a spotlight on those people and what was going on at that time. It's OK to hone in on an issue and I think when we take that stance that we're just going to be color blind, we're not giving everybody their due."


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