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TD Bank Reaches Out To Customers Over Data Breach

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - TD Bank is reaching out to customers about a data breach.

Over the past few weeks TD Bank has been sending out letters to 260,000 customers from Maine down to Florida warning about this breach.

TD spokeswoman Rebecca Acevedo says unencrypted backup data tapes were misplaced while being transported.

"There's customer data on those tapes such as account information, names, addresses, social security numbers."

She says the number of Pennsylvania and New Jersey customers being notified only make up a small part of the total, the vast majority, close to 150,000 customers, are from New England.

For those concerned about their information getting in the wrong hands, Acevedo says so far, so good.
"There is no evidence that this data is being used in any inappropriate way."

The bank is offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to customers getting these letters.

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