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Tax Day Draws Protests From Both Sides Of The Political Aisle

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)- Two groups far apart on the political spectrum protested during the noon hour less than two blocks apart.

"Make them pay!"

The chant outside a Bank of America branch at 16th and JFK was aimed that those big firms that demonstrators contend aren't pulling their weight.

Mark Stier of Penn Action said, "It's unfair. On a day when everyone in America, every citizen, is paying their fair share of taxes, we're saying it's time for the corporations to do so as well."

These folks say if corporate taxation was equal to individual taxation, it would bring in billions. "At least ten corporations that we know of and probably hundreds more than haven't paid their taxes and have also received tax refunds while there are many people like me that are unemployed, homeless," said Move-On's Steve Nathan.

Libertarian Aaron Proctor addresses a crowd of Tea Party Patriots. (Credit: John Ostapkovich)

Tea Party Patriots held forth just outside City Hall with signs like "It's the Spending, Stupid!"

Diana Reimer was among them. "We are pushing for change in Philadelphia," Reimer said. "The DROP program needs to go.  It is not business-friendly, at all.  The only way to make Philadelphia better is to bring businesses here and keep the businesses that are here."

Libertarian Aaron Proctor (pictured, left) said the city discourages businesses like his, "And it's not just about who's paying taxes, who's not paying taxes.  I think it's about making a stronger business environment in Philadelphia."

Proctor says that the new law encouraging hiring of ex-cons is anti-business.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060

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