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Taste With Tori: Sophie's BBQ Offering Smokey Favorites, Delicious Comfort Foods Any Time Of Year

ARDMORE, Pa. (CBS) -- In this week's Taste with Tori, Eyewitness News heads to Sophie's BBQ in Ardmore, where you can find smokey barbeque favorites along with delicious comfort foods any time of the year.

In Ardmore, if you spot the pig, you've found the smokehouse that's giving your barbeque favorites a fresh playful perspective. But don't worry, this food still has that BBQ tang, tenderness and sweetness.

Well, actually, it's even sweeter than you think.

It's called Sophie's and she is totally cute, and so are the nooks and crannies of this Main Line spot.

Owned by her dad Greg -- he technically had two babies in 2020. His first baby girl and his first restaurant. It has been hog wild for this family, but they're holding it down.

For more on Sophie's BBQ, watch the video above.

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