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Taste With Tori: Puddin Palace In Oaklyn Perfect Spot For Those With Sweet Tooth

OAKLYN, N.J. (CBS) -- What do you get when you mix rich, creamy pudding with moist, delicious cake? According to Vittoria Woodill, an amazing experience.

In this week's Taste With Tori, she heads to Oaklyn, New Jersey to The Puddin Palace where you can find a unique dessert combo and so much more.

If you've got a sweet tooth for something smooth, creamy and fun, there is the perfect "palace" to be in Oaklyn.

At The Puddin Palace, you can have your pudding your way, or their way, which is called a Slammer -- when they take the cake and top it with pudding.

It's co-owned by Lagracia and Miranda and they are more than just business partners, they're family. Miranda is the girlfriend of Lagracia's son.

"She's like a second mom to me," Miranda said.

Love is what started them on this journey. Lagracia says that her son wanted Miranda to learn how to make a famous pudding she makes for him.

"We learned how to make the pudding and took it and said we're going to make some money off of this," Miranda said.

With Lagracia's recipe and Miranda's savviness on social media, it's been a sweet success -- on they don't mind sharing.


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