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Taste With Tori: Mia's Meals Falafel Bar Brings Taste Of Israel With American Twist To Haddonfield

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) -- Throughout the pandemic, so many things have been restricted. But, for one local restaurant owner, it became an opportunity to create a new business and it has been flourishing ever since.

On this week's Taste With Tori segment, Vittoria Woodill heads to Haddonfield, New Jersey to check out Mia's Meals Falafel Bar.

This delicious place in Haddonfield serves mouthfuls of mother's love in the form of fantastic flavorful falafel, hummus that hugs you from the inside out and tahini shakes that soothe your soul.

"My son says it's the best, you brought something from Isreal, but you gave it your American twist," owner Mia Eylon said.

Eylon is a mother of four and says her kitchen was always a place her children loved to find her because her cooking was just too good. But during the pandemic, it was her kids who encouraged her to share home cooking with the masses.


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