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Taste With Tori: Home Away From Home At Maria's Mom's Italian Cookie Cupboard And Bakery

MARLTON, N.J. (CBS) – Inside of this small Marlton home, you'll find the warmth of a mother's love and freshly baked cookies. It's your home away from home at Maria's Mom's Italian Cookie Cupboard and Bakery.

Surrounded by Italian wedding cookies is an impressive array of flavors, the comforting smell of fresh cake and shelves filled with crunchy coffee dippers. Life is just a little sweeter inside.

This is all thanks to Maria and her mom, Mary Lyn.

But before they put their hands in the cookie cupboard, they baked cookies together at home for years.

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That was until Mary Lyn was diagnosed with breast cancer and the thought of not baking with her daughter broke her.

"I was in awe of the fact that she cried because we couldn't bake, not because of what was happening to her," Maria said. "The promise that I made to her was that you get better, we're going to do this for the rest of our lives.

"Little did we know she was going to get sick the second time and the third time, the radiation bus used to pick her up out front," Maria added. "She'd come work in the morning, they'd come to pick her up, take her for the radiation, then she would come back. But we did it."

Through it all, they remained two tough cookies, but it's the love of a mother that keeps them soft.

Hopefully now, you're feeling good, let's get you hungry:

For white chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons.

(Credit: CBS3)

Fig-filled biscotti, which is like an Italian cookie fig newton.

(Credit: CBS3)

And chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.

(Credit: CBS3)
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