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Taste With Tori: Clear Toy Candy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  It's a step back in time, just in time for the holidays.

CBS 3's Vittoria Woodill reports on an old-fashioned candy shop in Old City, Philadelphia that is a store reminiscent of the 1800's.

You know the expression 'feeling like a kid in a candy shop'?

That's exactly how you feel when you walk into Shane Confectionery, a store filled with rainbows of lollipops, shiny foil-wrapped truffles, gum drops and butterscotch-y bites to name just a few of the candies inside.

Everything in this place is a sweet temptation wrapped in Christmas colors.

And this is a special time of the year for Eric Berley, who owns this old-time candy store with his brother Ryan.

"The eyes light up and smiles reflect off the mirrors," says Eric Berley. "People feel like there's a magic land that they never knew existed."

Shane Confectionery is a step back in time with its selection of Clear Toy Candy in the shapes of locomotives, firemen and reindeer.

They are always colored red, green and amber.

"It was a German tradition brought over from Bavaria in the 1700's," Berley said.

The clear candy are works of art shaped from molds once used by Harry Young who was the owner of Young's Candy which was Philadelphia's oldest candy store.

Although Young's Candy closed 5 years ago, clear candy lives on at Shane Confectionery.

There are so many other wonderful sweet ideas at this shop.

There's a gift box of truffles made of edible gold and filled with liquid honey called the Gift of the Magi.

Only 100 are made during the holiday season, making this a very special gift.

"This is a place that you want to spend time with your family and make it part of a tradition," says Berley.

If you have a favorite place like Shane Confectionery or any restaurant, send Vittoria a message on Facebook.

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