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T-shirt Makers Cashing In On President Donald Trump's 'Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia' Insult

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- President Donald Trump slammed Philadelphia as a place where bad things happen and now it's the talk of the town. During Tuesday night's debate, he falsely accused the city of blocking poll watchers.

In fact, the city has satellite offices where you can drop off a ballot, but those aren't polls, and no Philly poll watchers are approved yet. On Wednesday, the Trump campaign is threatening legal action.

Now, some Philadelphians have seized upon the president's "bad things" line as a fashion statement.

Whatever the president meant when he said "bad things happen in Philadelphia" doesn't seem to be offending people. As a matter of fact, they're capitalizing on the phrase.

"Bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things," Trump said during Tuesday night's debate.

And there, a phrase was coined.

"A couple people posted this needs to be on T-shirts and we wanted to be quick on it," said Johnny Douglas of Do It Now T-Shirts.

Within hours of last night's presidential debate, shirts were rolling off the press at Do It Now T-Shirts.

"I just wanted to be the first one because I knew it was coming," Douglas said.

Designers and T-shirt creators are using the opportunity to make some money.

"Bad things do happen in Philly, but yeah, Philadephians, it's a proud city. I think it's a natural reaction for us to be, like yeah," said Matthew Charles.

Another designer, Julia Davis, and Dorothea Gamble, owner of Trunc in Northern Liberties, were two of the other 100 million people watching the debate.

"It was like a circus," Davis said.

Davis designed her tee to match what she was feeling. Add the time of the year, plus the characters Philly is known for, and her masterpiece was complete.

"Hearing Trump, it was just like Halloween is coming up, and the first thing that came to mind was that I wanted this to look like a vintage horror movie cover," Davis of Julia Max Designs said.

"To have any type of light shed on us is nice and the T-shirt is very relevant, playful, educational, and good looking," Gamble said.

According to CBS News' Battleground Tracker, former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by five points in Pennsylvania — 52% to 47%.

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