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Survey: Many Moving To Philadelphia -- And Staying

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Apparently, everyone's moving to -- and staying in -- Philadelphia.

Or so says United Van Lines, which recently announced the results of its "Summer Long-Distance Moving Trends Study."

The company says that, overall, Philly was 12th on the list of cities with the most inbound moves and saw 26% more people moving into the city than out of it during the summer months.

And though Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. were the most popular spots to move to of the cities surveyed, they were also the top three places people were moving from, indicating their populations are more transient than Philly's.

According to United Van Lines, many of the cities experiencing growth (like Philadelphia) are in the Northeast.

"Popular metropolitan destinations driving city to city migration are those with a highly educated labor force and that have growing or mature business, financial, and insurance services. In addition, strong technology and healthcare industries are driving migration, sectors where recent job growth has been relatively robust in the broader economy," explains Michael A. Stoll, an economist, professor and the chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

To get the results, United Van Lines says it analyzed domestic moves during the peak season (May 1 through Aug. 31), when about 40% of all moves occur.

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