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Survey: Many In Philadelphia Area Can't Get Enough Fresh Produce

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A new survey shows that almost half of this region's adults are not eating enough fresh food -- and it's not for lack of trying.

The 2010 "Household Health Survey" by the Public Health Management Corporation shows that nearly half of the adults in the five-county Southeastern Pennsylvania region -- that's 1.2 million people -- eat fewer than three servings of fruits or vegetables every day.

It's a problem more common among men than women, and more among blacks and Latinos than whites and Asians.

"People may want to eat healthy, they want to eat fresh produce, but the issue is that in many neighborhoods we don't have the grocery stores or the access to fresh produce," says Rose Malinowski Weingartner, a research associate.   "So the people who may be trying to get those fruits and vegetables that they need are not able to do so."

Weingartner says it's too early to tell if things are getting better or worse.

Reported by Karin Phillips, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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