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Survey: For Some Women, It's Pets Over Partners

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For many, pets are part of the family, but a new survey reveals some women actually love their pet more than their family – or at least more than their partner.

According to a survey of 2,000 British women conducted by the animal welfare organization Brooke, one in ten women claim they love their pet more than their boyfriend or husband, and nearly a third say they love their pet as much as their partner.

Furthermore, 41% of those who love their pet more didn't feel guilty about it at all and over half would consider it a deal-breaker if their partner didn't get along with their pet.

"Pets can't answer back with sarcastic comments or moan about the state of the house so it's easy to have a blissful relationship with a pet, which can't always been said of human relationships," a spokesperson for Brooke said.

Echoing that sentiment, 40% of survey respondents said their pet never annoys them. Thirty-nine-percent admit their affection for their animals increases when their partner's affection seems to wane.

Brooke says the findings show the "extraordinary depths of feeling" people have for their pets, but maybe it's just common sense.

After all, a pet will never tell you anything you don't want to hear.

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