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Surprising Testimony From Traffic Court Administrator On Ticket-fixing Scandal

By Tim Jimenez and Tony Hanson

Startling testimony Tuesday in the trial of six former Philadelphia traffic court judges charged with fixing tickets.

A traffic court administrator spoke about taking calls from the office of former Councilman -- now Mayor -- Michael Nutter.

Christopher Waters, who worked his way up from judge's personal, testified he sought what was called "consideration" for family and friends with tickets, also taking calls from politicians and their staffs. Waters questioned by defense attorney Louis Busico.

"Any council people? Their offices ever reach out to you for this consideration at any time in your career, sir?" Busico asked.

"Um, I believe Councilman Nutter at the time. He's now Mayor Nutter," answered Waters.

" Of the city, in which we sit, right?" asked Busico.

"Yes," Waters replied.

"So his office reached out to you, right?" Waters responded.

"Yes," said Waters.

There are still many unanswered questions, though. The line of questioning suggesting the requests came from the offices of the politicians, not from the politicians themselves. Also, there was no testimony on the specifics of who called, on whose behalf and what happened to the tickets.

Mayor Nutter is out of town, but spokesman Mark McDonald says there's no way to respond to something like this when there's no information whatsoever.

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