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Sure Sign Of The Holiday Season: Cookies

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - You know it's the holiday season when your co-workers start bringing in those holiday cookies.

Nic Endrikrat, sous chef of Classic Cake in New Jersey says cookies are everywhere during the holidays because they make great gifts.

"Cookies are a universal favorite. Everybody loves them and you can give them to just about anybody."

For more of Hadas Kuznits' interview with Nic Endrikrat about holiday cookie making, listen to this CBS Philly podcast:

She says there are a lot of fun and creative ways to gift cookies.

"You could, for example, make a gingerbread house with a removable roof and fill it with cookies.  Cookies on lolipop sticks are often fun. You could nestle them into a holiday arrangement with styrafoam -- they'll fit right in there. You could put them in a jar or a vase even tied with festive holiday ribbon, accompany them with old-fashioned milk bottles so you have your automatic cookies and milk ready to go!"

And she says when you make them at home, you're often left with some lasting holiday memories.

For more information about Classic Cake, click here.

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