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West Chester School District Superintendent Pressures State To Re-Evaluate Keystone Exams

By Kim Glovas 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania school students are wrapping up a month of standardized testing, and one local district superintendent is now advocating an end to at least one of those tests.

The Keystone exams were created in response to 'No Child Left Behind.' Jim Scanlon, Superintendent of the West Chester School District, sent a letter to parents recently, criticizing the Keystone Exams. Part of the problem, he says, is the tests stifle creativity, and create unnecessary stress. He says the PSSA's start in April, and are followed by the Keystone Exams.

"We have students pulling their hair out, cause they're so stressed with taking the Keystone Exams," Scanlon said. "We have kindergarten students who are crying because they see their 3rd grade brother or sister going to school with a stomach ache, and all upset because they are now taking these tests."

Scanlon says in 2 years, students will be required to pass the Keystones or they won't be able to graduate. Even if they already have a college acceptance letter.

Scanlon is urging parents to write their state lawmakers advocating for a moratorium on the Keystones.

More than 50 school district superintendents in the Philadelphia suburbs also oppose the tests.

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