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From Philadelphia to Germany, Eagles fandom goes far & wide

"Eagles fans find each other": Birds supporters from around the world ready for Super Bowl LVII
"Eagles fans find each other": Birds supporters from around the world ready for Super Bowl LVII 01:46

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Heading into Super Bowl weekend, it's a safe bet that many Philadelphia Eagles fans in the Delaware Valley know exactly what their plan is for game time Sunday night. But what about the thousands of Birds fans living abroad?

"Eagles fans find each other," Patricia Armstrong said.

Armstrong, a Bucks County native, found her team after moving to London nine years ago.


Every game, they meet up at a Philly sports pub called Passyunk Avenue.

"I just can't wait," Jamie said." I really, really can't wait. It's a bloody good feeling."

In Cologne, Germany, an official Eagles fan club brings together more than 100 members.

Marc Schumacher's been a diehard Eagles fan since 1994.

He's a past president of the fan club, bringing in Philly native Michele Holborn on Super Bowl night 2018.

"Some of the people I meet from the Eagles fan club," Schumacher said, "they don't even speak a lot of English, but they can speak football."

Jose Contant and Mathieu Murray met each other through an "Eagles fans from a Canada" Facebook group that started just before the 2018 Super Bowl.

"I don't really care what they think, to be honest with you," Murray said. "So that kind of fits the mold, right?"

Some are traveling to Philly to watch the game, while others have an entire day to wait until kickoff.

"Before the game, because it's 11:30 at night for us and we have a whole day to wait," Armstrong said, "we're going to watch 'Rocky' and we're going to do a tailgate."

No matter where these fans watch the game, they're sending their support all the way to Arizona.

"We just see ourselves as some kind of extended family, like extended Philly," Schumacher said.

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