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Health: New Hair Products Can Tame Unruly Locks

Stephanie Stahl reports...

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Amy Lamberson's job is all about hair. As a salon manager, it needs to look good.

"My hair is a lot smoother, easier to style, and less frizzy," said Amy.

She's been using sulfate free hair products, which are all the rage now. No more frizzy, unruly hair. No more bad hair days.

"It is a big discovery," said Edmondo Blando, the owner of Salon Vanity.

She says sulfate free hair products are big sellers and are now available over-the-counter. They don't cost any more than regular products, and can be used on any hair type.

Jennifer Lopez is pitching one of many brands.

"You'll start seeing your hair will be fuller, shinier, more reflective, bouncier. These are all the things that every girl wants," said Edmondo.

Sulfates are cheap detergents that create foam and bubbles. They've been in shampoo and cleaning products for years.

"People automatically think the more suds they have, the better the shampoo, the shinier the hair, not the case at all" said Edmondo.

Sulfates are drying and can damage hair follicles, and that creates frizz.

"It was always big, frizzy. It's very full, and it was dry looking," said Heather Baumgardner, who uses sulfate free products. She says they've made a big difference with her hair.

"It's kind of revamped my entire look," said Heather.

Experts say it takes about four to six months to see the benefits of using sulfate free hair products, which can include shampoo, conditioner and styling gels. There are several brands offering sulfate free products.

Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS3

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