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Study Shows Philadelphians Buy Most Sweat Suits

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Now that the weather has taken on that familiar fall chill, Philadelphians will be reaching for a familiar item of clothing.

Yes, it's that time of year: apple picking, brilliant foliage, the Eagles and... sweat suits.

"Among the 209 designated market areas in the United States, Philadelphia is the highest ranking when it comes to the mean number of sweats and sweat items that are purchased each year," says John Fetto, a researcher for Experian Marketing, which studies consumer habits across the country.

Fetto says Philadelphia leads a top five list that includes Hartford, Pittsburgh, Lafayette, Louisiana and Laredo, Texas, but he warns against reading too much into that.

"There's no shame in wearing sweats, I don't think. I think there are probably plenty of fashionable sweat options that are out there."

And he says the preference for sweat suits is not necessarily a fashion statement; he can think of other reasons Philadelphia may rank so high.

"Maybe people wear sweats because they're more physically active and have more activities."

Yeah, that's gotta be it. So bundle up, you active types. We're number one.

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