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Study Says Lazy People Are Smarter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We already know about the benefits of exercise, but now there may be an upside to being lazy.

A new study finds people who tend to be lazier, also tend to be smarter.

Doctor Todd McElroy led the three year study. He says it is because lazier people have time to think.

The study has gotten the attention of students at Florida Gulf Coast University, where McElroy teaches.

One man says, "Lazy people are smarter. They have more things on their mind, they just don't do it all at once."

Another adds, "It certainly has a way of embracing one's self esteem if you happen to be someone who considers themselves lazy, all of the sudden you may be intelligent, so that may justify laziness."

The study could also mean big things for people who suffer from a disability.

If they are inhibited by physical activity, they could be compensated by engaging in cognitive activity.

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