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Study: Kids Can Start Weightlifting At Age Six

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By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - There have been numerous studies touting the health benefits of weight training. Several in the past six months have focused on weight lifting and the elderly. But what about kids?

According to a new study from the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine, kids can begin at six, if it's carefully supervised.

The theory is that in the case of overweight children who have difficulty doing aerobic exercise, this actually serves as a way of increasing their metabolic rate and burning calories. It also helps them with self-esteem.

Here is my take. First and most important: it must be supervised.

The second is one of not trusting many parents and coaches. I've seen far too many children injured by parents and coaches wanting to win the next championship or living through their child. It is crucial to make cerain if they start that early that an experienced supervisor is there.

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