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Students learning culinary skills thanks to Chef Tim Lopez

Focusing on the Future: Young chefs taking culinary skills to new levels
Focusing on the Future: Young chefs taking culinary skills to new levels 02:14

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Young chefs in the Philadelphia School District are taking their culinary skills to new levels. In this week's Focusing on the Future, Waskisha Bailey is introducing us to the school's head chef with a unique sports background. 

Football and wings, are a winning combination at Mastbaum High School in Kensington, especially when you mix in that special sauce. 


"The hot sauce was a way for them to like I said, they get that enthusiasm, they get that, but what are we going to do with it? Let's take it a step further, let's bottle it," Tim Lopez said. 

Habanero Hall Sweet Hot Sauce.  

"If you get caught in hall sweep when you are supposed to be in class you go down to the dean's office," Lopez said. 

The almost-sold-out hot sauce was created in Panther Cafe, part of the Mastbaum Culinary program. The head of the class is Chef Tim Lopez. 

CBS3 was just in time for breakfast as the young chefs were whipping up omelets, Belgian waffles, and french toast. 

"It's an expression of yourself. I like cooking food I like," student Dylan Hirst said. 

Another student has been thinking about her career in the food industry for a few years. 

"I had my mind set on being a pastry chef for about since I was 10," Destiny Feliciano said. 

Lopez enjoys seeing the students grow their skills. 

"I get to see them come in not have any skills develop the skills, develop recipes a persona in the kitchen really get better at what they are doing," Lopez said.   

Before teaching Chef Tim Lopez spend a number of years feeding the Birds and Offensive Line Coach Jeff Stoutland inside the Novacare Cafe. 

From the Eagles Novacare Cafe to the Panther Cafe, Chef Lopez hopes his culinary class is a stepping stone for these creative minds. 

"For me, it took me from working in country clubs to working in the NFL to teaching at a public school in Philly," Lopez said. 

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