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Students In Tri-State Area Bundled With Debt After Graduating College

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Students in Pennsylvania are saddled with thousands of dollars of debt when they graduate.

College students in Pennsylvania graduate with an average of more than $31,000 in student loan debt, which ranks number three in a survey by the Institute for College Access and Success.

Mike Morrill Executive Director for Keystone Progress an activist network explains the long term effects, "Even if you are able to get a good job it means that if you're graduating with $30,000 or more in debt, that means it's going to be a long time before you get rid of that debt. It makes it harder for you to buy a house harder to start a business."

Number one on the list is Delaware where students graduate owing more than $33,000 thousand dollars.

New Jersey land at number eight on the list.

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