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Students And Faculty At Germantown High React To News Of Their School Closing

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The news about the school district's stunning announcement that it planned to close 37 school buildings in June (see related story) is hitting all of the affected schools, including Germantown High School.

When the closing bell rang Thursday, students began learning about the fate of their school.

Their options appear to be King or Roxborough Highs, but sophomore Shakaera Miller says students who go to "the G" and King kids get along like oil and water.

Dgermantown hi students
Germantown High students get word that their school would be among those closed. (Credit: Steve Tawa)

"Too many fights," she said. "That school is just bad. They jump kids. No parents want their kids to end up at King."

"There's gonna be drama," Senior Dana Lesane adds.

Zachary James' daughter likes her situation at Germantown High. He says a transfer will create clutter and confusion.

"Too many kids are going to be in one class. That's a whole 'nother mindfield of learning."

Germantown teacher Ismael Jimenez doesn't like the uncertainty of where he'll teach next year.

"I live in the neighborhood that serves this school. My son goes to the local elementary school. I feel very vested.'

He says it feels like the rug is being pulled out from underneath him.

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