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Streets Closed, Museums Open During Jay Z's Music Festival

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The two-day Made in America music festival is this weekend. There will be a number of streets that will be closed, but opened will be the museums, with one exception.

"It's our very first ticketed event on the Parkway in the history of the Parkway," says city representative Melanie Johnson. She says there have been meetings among the city, the concert promoter, residents and the cultural institutions leading up to this event.

"We have tried to lessen the impact on that area so people can go about their daily lives. And that people know I really want to emphasize, please just don't come to the cultural institutions they are open for business and they have some incredible exhibits."

Click here for a full list of street closures due to the festival (PDF).

Click here for a map of closures (PDF).

The festival will feature nearly 30 artists, with headliners Pearl Jam and Jay Z. Performances will go on from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. both days.

Judy Rogers is with the Parkway Council Foundation, a coalition of cultural and education institutions enhancing and promoting the Parkway. She wants the public to know all of the cultural institutions except for the Rodin Museum are open Labor Day weekend.

"You know, we are urging them to take public transportation, since navigating by car will certainly be challenging with all of the road closures and come enjoy all the Parkway has to offer -- not just the concert."

The Philadelphia Museum of Art's east entrance will open until Thursday. After that patrons will be directed to 25th Street to the west entrance.

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