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Street Department Working To Tackle City's Growing Pothole Problem

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Officials in Philadelphia are working on short-term and long-term solutions to fix the city's pothole problem.

It's no secret, Philadelphia has a pothole problem, but officials say they're working to fix it.

"We're up to 24 thousand potholes," said Richard Montanez, Deputy Commissioner of the Philadelphia Streets Department. "If the season continues we'll probably be somewhere around the 40,000 mark.

Montanez says that's about a 20 percent increase in potholes this year compared to previous years. But he says the Streets Department is working to make sure every street is a drivable.

"We try to get to all potholes at all times," he explained, "so we don't try to prioritize one over the other, and we're trying to get it done within three days of you calling 311."

But, he says, that's just the short-term fix.

"The long-term solution is to increase our paving so that we get all our roads to a good state of repair," Montanez said. "The goal here is for us to hit 131 miles in five years."

He says Mayor Jim Kenney has allocated $174 million towards fixing the city's pothole problem.

Montanez adds that not only will this project make for a better commute for drivers and bikers, it also helps the city's commerce.

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