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Straub Denies Claims By ACR That He Wants Out Of Revel Deal

By David Madden

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ. (CBS) -- Five months after Florida developer Glenn Straub bought the former Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, there's still an ongoing battle with a company providing electric power to the facility.

That company now contends, in court papers, that Straub wants out of Atlantic City. Straub insists that's simply untrue.

Lawyers for ACR Energy, in a filing in federal court last week, question whether Straub wants to do anything with the Revel. They say he won't negotiate with them even as they claim he's trying to find a new buyer for the place.

Straub, contacted by KYW Newsradio in Florida, says he's working to come up with own electric plan.

"We don't have to buy their electricity. We don't have to buy their air conditioning or chilled water or anything else," he says. "We're becoming independent, putting in the second largest solar facility in the state."

As for the claims made by ACR Energy in court, Straub challenges the company to prove them.

"Let them show one ounce of piece of paper that we've ever given to anybody," he says. "Any kind of pricing or anything else."

But Straub also won't rule out a sale, if someone offered him enough money to sell.

"We're saying that the general concept is that it's a commodity, along with the companies that we run," he says. "We run a lot of companies. But in the meantime, there's always a price."

Meanwhile, Straub says he'll spend the winter on the power project and an indoor-outdoor water park he plans to open next year.

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