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Neighbors Recall High-Speed, Chain-Reaction Crash That Left 1 Dead, Another Seriously Injured In Strathmere

STRATHMERE, N.J. (CBS) -- In a sleepy town that locals say goes unnoticed most of the time, there's still buzz about a violent high-speed, chain-reaction crash that happened in the wee hours of the morning Sunday in Strathmere.

"Carnage, it sounded like a bomb went off," Brian Walker said.

Walker was jolted awake by the noise.

The SUV, traveling north on Route 619, slammed into a pole just outside his home, eyewitnesses say, like a speeding bullet.

"If it wasn't for the pole, that vehicle would have continued on. That's the master bedroom and that's the gas lines, so who knows what would have happened," Walker said.

Eyewitnesses tell CBS3 moments before this Lexus SUV crashed it was seen speeding down Ocean Drive, coming from the direction of Sea Isle City around 2:30 a.m.

Police say it hit a total of eight parked cars before it was all over right on Walker's side yard in Strathmere.

"I think everyone is still in shock," Walker said.

The SUV ended up crashing into a pole. Eyewitnesses say the driver popped out of the vehicle through the sunroof and ran down the street.

Neighbors intercepted and held him until police showed up.

CBS3 is told investigators made it to the scene in no time and the driver is a man named Nicholas Hirsch, of Lehigh County. The 23-year-old's injuries were described as minor.

New Jersey State Police say 23-year-old Trevor Hirsch, of Willow Grove, was killed. Twenty-one-year-old Ryan Hirsch, of Lehigh County, suffered serious injuries.

"People stop for turtles for God's sake to let them cross the street and then this happens," Walker said. "This town has never seen anything like this."

CBS3 has reached out to New Jersey State Police regarding any possible charges but there are no updates at this time.

At least one couple renting for the week had both of their cars totaled in the collisions leading up to the fatal impact.

CBS3 tried reaching out to the driver but was unsuccessful.

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