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Storm Sweeps Through Kent County, Damages Several Homes

By Diana Rocco

CAMDEN, Del. (CBS) - " I feel devastated like my life has just been destroyed."

Jean Hanacek lives in path of what may have been a tornado's destruction.

The roof is missing from Hanacek's home as well as many of her neighbors in Barclay Farms Senior Housing Complex in Kent County, Delaware.

PHOTOS: Storm Damage In Kent County

"I heard this loud noise, I saw the roof on that house just completely rip off," said Ron Miccorelli.

"We did have a report that a tornado touched down. Eyewitnesses saw the tornado touch down. We have a few houses with damage, eight houses totally damaged and 20 houses with minor damage," said Fire Chief Tom Rigley.

A possible tornado may have touched down Monday Afternoon just before 4 p.m. Witnesses say it happened fast, the sky went dark and they saw wind swirling.

"We started seeing twirling in the sky. It was pretty scary. Then I saw it drop behind us," said Nick Garcia who had time to snap a few pictures of the dark sky.

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Jim Hanacek says he was standing on the porch when he saw the storm moving in his directions. He had only a few seconds to run into the house and he hit the floor.

"I could see it starting to spin. I closed the slide and said to my wife, 'Hit the deck,' and we just dove to floor and we just laid there."

Their garage is destroyed. The roof is missing and pieces of their house is scattered through out the neighborhood. Jim cut his foot on debris but acknowledges it could have been worse. He's thankful no one was seriously hurt. "We can get this fixed somehow, I hope."

The National Weather Service is sending someone out to survey the damage and determine if it was in fact a tornado.

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