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"Apocalyptic": Mother Nature shows no mercy as residents in Philly region assess storm damage

Trees, downed wires spotted all across Newark after storm damage
Trees, downed wires spotted all across Newark after storm damage 02:22

NEWARK, Del. (CBS) -- Severe storms packed a powerful punch Monday night. 

Thousands of homes and businesses across the region are in the dark. 

On Cherokee Drive in Newark, there are trees down left and right. The trees even took down power lines, and this is a familiar scene throughout the neighborhood.

All you can see are downed trees, which are wrapped in power lines, blocking roads and resting on homes.

Mother Nature showed no mercy to this Newark neighborhood.


"Within seconds, it was down pouring and everything started happening," Kristie Troumohis said. 

Troumouhis says she was in the garage and could hear the roar of the storm as fierce winds and torrential downpours passed through the area.

"The house was shaking, it was horrible and really scary," Troumohis said.

Emmanuel Troumouhis was in the house too and he says he saw all types of things flying outside from his window. 

When he was in the front yard, he couldn't believe the damage. The sheer power of the storm uprooted massive trees.

"Things were flying, rain you could barely see," Emmanuel Troumouhis said. 

Their neighbor a few houses down dodged a massive tree that hit her home and missed her by seconds after she shut her window.

"As soon as I shut it, I ran downstairs. That's when I heard the giant crash in my bedroom," the neighbor said. 

She even showed CBS News Philadelphia the back of her home, which had even more tangled trees and a broken fence.


Neighbors are now accessing the damage and waiting for some help to arrive.

"Craziest things we have seen in this neighborhood in a while," Emmanuel Troumouhis said. 

There were also many homes that we couldn't get to because of the downed trees and power lines. 

Meanwhile, southeastern Pennsylvania saw plenty of storm damage. 

A tree in Roxborough at Henry Avenue and West Schoolhouse Lane snapped in-half falling onto a traffic light and taking with it some power wires. A house in Roxborough, which was thankfully spared, had multiple trees in their yard fall.


"I was inside and then all of the sudden this storm just came pounding down," Maggie Haraburda said. "It felt like it was coming in every direction. There was wind blowing all over and then I just heard crashes all around the house. I was scared, I didn't know the storm was going to be that bad." 

Further south in Glen Mills, downed branches, leaves and wires littered a street and yard.

Andrew Thorp-King was in his office when the storm rolled through. He said he's now dealing with damage all across his property. 

"Trees falling on the roof, destroyed my deck, destroyed my hot tub, messing up with the side porch, and there's a huge one in the yard, lines down -- just apocalyptic horticulture," Thorp-King said.  

Powerful winds blow down trees, power lines in southeastern Pennsylvania 01:44
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