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People Still Hitting Stores For Last-Minute Thanksgiving Items

HAVERTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- Despite it being Thanksgiving Eve, not everyone is ready to prepare that turkey dinner on Thursday.

CBS 3's Joe Holden spoke to shoppers at Manoa Shopping Center Acme in Havertown as they were getting started on their last-minute lists.

"We are well stocked and ready to go," said Acme manager Paul Mullen.

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There are shoppers with short lists for some last-minute odds and ends, and then there's the marathon crowd picking up everything, from soup to nuts.

"I'm here to pick up a turkey breast," said Colleen Moran of Broomall.

She's also picking up mashed potatoes and apple pie, but not just for herself. The home care nurse is hopping for her 93-year-old patient.

"She doesn't have any family so it's a good thing to do," said Moran.

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Matt Geary of Havertown is practically in the same boat as Moran as he's shopping for the Sisters of Charity in Norristown.

"Every year for about 20 years now I've been going out to Norristown with a small portion of the meal, stuff that can be prepared that day," said Geary.

Mullen said the day before Thanksgiving is in the top five busiest of the year for Acme, and that right after dinner time it will be the most crowded.

"Maybe right after their dinner hour, everybody will come out who didn't shop yet, who didn't go Monday, Tuesday and tonight will be very busy," said Mullen.

Mullen added that some folks at the store are doing their full trip for Thanksgiving, which is something the store is not used to seeing.

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